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Truth About Fasting

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Could Fasting slow you down?

Unless you have been leaving on the Mir space station then you have probably heard of the term Fasting. Fasting is not a new phenomenon and has been used throughout recorded history in religious practices throughout recorded history by Christians, Muslims and Judaism.

Now it seems Fasting is the latest craze, if you have just landed from Mir space station, Fasting is the practice of abstaining from food and sometimes water for extended periods of time, this could be from sun rise to sun set or for dieting purposes 24 hours once or twice per week. There are hundreds of diets from the non-dairy no, vegan, Paleo and an ever increasing dizzying number of options when it comes to losing weight or in an attempt to improve your health.

Millions of people swear by the practice as Fasting can produce quick dramatic results, ranging from weight loss to other possible health improvements, according to research carried out by Harvard MEDICAL [Harvard Link Here ] Fasting may reduce the risk of diet related illness due to restrictions on sugar, salt and other potentially harmful dietary influences.

But most interesting is the potential neuro protective benefits of fasting, researchers claim fasting could go some way to reducing the effects of aging, and potentially improve long term memory and brain function.

So what the catch? Now for the bad news, according the latest news from Mayo Clinic based in the USA and research from the National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health Fasting Article Fasting could damage your heart.

If you are a regular Faster don’t panic, it would seem lifestyle factors influence heart health and morbidity and play a big role in the outcome of the control group in the study. For example, every year any individual is classified as obese the higher chances of damage to cardio vascular system there will be.

Studies were carried out on individuals who were obese or previously obese adding to the increase risk factors for extended periods of time before carrying out Fasting. Diet, lifestyle inactivity and stress can impact cardio vascular health more research is needed to make concrete claims that fasting is safe or dangerous.

Cardio Vascular Health

Moderation is key

You should not fast if:

You intend to participate in intensive exercise

If you are under 21 years you need more calories for your natural development

If you underweight you may do more harm than good

If you suffer from a medical problem

If you suffer from an eating disorder

You are pregnant

Have heart or cardiovascular issues

Always speak to your health care professional if you have any worries and remember there is no magic bullet, exercise a diet that’s full of colour and variation.

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