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At the age of 31 I attended my first ever GM Fitness Bootcamp near Roath Park Cardiff. Unfit, overweight and generally unhappy.
I recall the class being tough and aching for days! Despite this I found encouragement from Gareth & Mel, they spurred me on and so I decided to return for more.
5 years on and I am still training with GM Fitness. I now have a positive outlook on life and consider myself to be fit, healthy and in much better shape.
I have trained with both Gareth & Mel via one to one personal training, small group personal training sessions, bikini babes classes and mixed outdoor Bootcamps. Even my dog Ollie joins in on Saturday mornings - he loves it.
As well as the benefits of exercise GM Fitness organise regular social events, including Xmas parties, paddle boarding, mountain climbing and breakfast after camp. I have met a great bunch of people who I can now say are friends for life.
In January 2017 I embarked on the first GM Fitness Lanzarote Bootcamp. Wow! What an experience - we were pushed to our limits by Gareth & Mel with beach and sea circuits and a healthy meal plan. We all saw the inches come off whilst having so much fun.
Gareth & Mel have heaps of experience as personal trainers. With their boundless energy and enthusiasm, they really motivate you to achieve your goals and boost your confidence. I hope to continue training with the GM Fitness crew for years to come.


I started working out with GM Fitness about 7 years ago as part of a fitness class run by Mel.

GM Fitness classes are fantastic, they are always different so I never know what to expect which helps me get the most out of my sessions and keeps it interesting. I love the support of the group who are as enthusiastic as I am.

Training makes me feel focused and helps me to deal with stress in a constructive way.

Mel and Gareth are really supportive and have helped myself and others develop some great relationships.


I started training with GM fitness 4 years ago and I've never looked back. My lifestyle was never 'bad' before,I went to the gym mainly to use the cross trainer and ate ok but Gareth and Mel showed me how to train more efficiently making the most out of my gym time. The Bootcamps are really hard work but with the rest of the team with you it's fantastic fun and you'll get great fitness results.

Gareth and Mel are always on hand to encourage and support you. On Sunday I completed the London Marathon and I can definitely say I would never had got to the start line let alone the finish line without them, especially Mel who even came on a 20 mile run with me after a marathon meltdown! Join our fit family it's the best decision you'll make!


I began personal training with GM Fitness through the recommendation of a friend. I enjoy the interaction with my trainers and have made some good friends through social activities organised by GM Fitness.

Personal training is perfect for me as I am an extremely focused person and enjoy having set gaols and structure. Personal training helps maintain my health and fitness and is a great outlet for stress. Training gives me more energy and helps keep me on track with my goals.

I am constantly being challenged and motivated. My goals have changed throughout the years but my focus and my fitness has remained as strong as ever.


GM fitness have helped me become more confident in myself, while helping me structure my workouts in a safe and effective manor, Gareth and Mel offer a professional service while remaining friendly and personable. My goal was to add more muscle to my physique as well as gain strength, I have achieved all my goals and am extremely pleased with my results.   


I first started with GM Fitness 5 years ago at Saturday boot camp after my husband convinced me to give it a go. I hadn't exercised in years and was really unfit. Gareth and Mel made me feel really welcome and as it was go at your own pace, I could push myself knowing I wasn't holding anyone else up. After a few months of once a week Mel convinced me to try Monday boot camp as well which was again go at your own pace. I thoroughly enjoyed both classes and soon added in PT sessions. I'd gone from no exercise to 4 times a week.
When I fell pregnant Gareth and Mel accommodated this into my training sessions both in PT and classes, changing the exercises subtly so that no one else in the class was aware until I told them. All this allowed me to continue to train until the week before my daughter was born. I was back doing PT 12 weeks after and my daughter came with me to each PT session and Gareth held her while I trained. This meant she could see me and was happy for the hour I was in the gym.
My change in attitude to exercise has been all down to Gareth and Mel. The time during class and PT is only a fraction of the support I've received from them. With recipe ideas, help with keeping motivated on an off day and encouragement to try new things, which resulted in my husband and I taking part in the first GM Fitness residential boot camp in Lanzarote which was fantastic. We both came back motivated and refreshed, our diet since then has been much improved.
I really enjoy and benefit from training with Gareth and Mel and being a part of GM Fitness.


I have been training with Gareth and Mel for a few years now. I started off in the Monday evening bootcamp but now do 3-4 classes a week, which is saying a lot for someone who hated PE in school! Everyone is really friendly and we all help each other through the bootcamps which are hard work! Having said that, Mel and Gareth really good at modifying exercises for you if you're injured or not able to do something. Thanks to the two of them I'm so much healthier and fitter than I was a few years ago


I have always been an active person all my life. When I was younger I participated in sports and when I got to the age to stop playing soccer I continued to keep fit by running and attending the gym. Little did I know what fitness was until I met Mel and started PT with her once a week. For me it was a revelation I thought I could do plenty of press-ups until I was taught to do them correctly and I could in fact do very few! I enjoyed the PT so much it eventually turned into 3 times a week. Needless to say after 6 years I can do plenty of press-ups correctly!

For me Mel and Gareth give a lot more than a PT session. They teach you how to perform the exercises correctly in order to avoid injury the meaning of muscle memory, advise on diet and if you follow their advise the transformation is remarkable and it's not just about physically but most importantly the health side. 

As I have said GM Fitness are more than PT sessions they organise several different fitness related events so much so that many members of GM Fitness mix socially and many have become good friends. There are activities to suit everyone PT, circuits, Bootcamp and away days to mention a few. Mel and Gareth have many strengths­­­, as well as unlimited fitness knowledge they give advice on your diet, injury rehabilitation and for me most important motivation.

This year they introduced a boot camp abroad. As well as the training and the wonderful time with like minded people we all learnt so much about the diet and portion sizes. There were remarkable results with everyone losing inches. 

Mel and Gareth are always looking for different ways of bringing fitness to clients and there is plenty of variety, they are dedicated and a lovely couple. 

So if you want Fitness, health, fun and results pick up your phone and call GM Fitness. 



I started personal training with GM Fitness after attending a boot camp. I have always been inspired by fitness professionals and had set myself a goal of competing at Bikini Fitness a bodybuilding a competition for natural contenders within six months, with the guidance of Mel and Gareth during one to one sessions I have reached my target and superseded my goals winning first place. I am thrilled with the progress I have made, having the support of Mel and Gareth keeps me focused and motivated.   


I started training with GM Fitness after a recommendation from a friend who attends one of their Boot-camps. I have always dreamt of competing on stage, and sort the help of Gareth and Mel, I have always kept myself fit but needed some help with some imbalances I had. During personal training sessions Gareth and Mel helped me to structure my workouts effectively and gave me some invaluable nutritional insight. I am happy to say I reached my goal and am in the best shape of my life.

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We would like to thank everyone who has worked hard to achieve their personal goals while training with gm-fitness. Special thanks for sharing your journey with us and we hope you all enjoy a long and healthy lifestyle.

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