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Why Joining a gym near you could be just the motivation you need to succeed

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

If you are contemplating joining a gym near you it could be just the motivation you need to help you succeed.

Motivation is something that we will all struggle with at some point in our lives, creating the optimal environment for growth and development is essential for any success. Health and wellness are no different in this respect, if you are looking for long lasting change then you need a catalyst to help keep you focused in times of sedation or lack of focus having tools to keep you on track can be invaluable.

Finding your motivation

Music- Sounds can help energise your mind, the right tempo has a positive effect on your endocrine system triggering a surge of chemicals that can be helpful with motivation leading to added strength, power and endurance during your workout.

Create a gym workout play list for yourself that gets you into a positive state of mind.

Mind Set-

Your mind is the greatest tool in your arsenal, self belief is not just mumbo jumbo, determination can be a positive performance enhancer focusing or calming your body and mind.

How many world class athletes can you name that didn't believe they could be the best? The smartest? The strongest? The fastest? The greatest?

What magic recipe do athletes possess that non athletes do not? Coaching and mentoring go along way to help optimise the skill of the athlete but when it comes down to the wire its self determination and drive that creates champions.

If you want something you have to remind yourself why you want it and why it is of value to yourself.

It is your value system that will make or break you.


Take responsibility for you and your actions, habits are the most difficulty things to form if you have no motivation to create good ones.

Dont blame others- I dont have time because of a time warping bubble that means my life is so much more demanding than anyone else.

I cant lose weight because of my partner likes to buy xyz, he or she eats this that and the other and therefore I feel guilty if I dont share.

I cant understand why I have gained weight? There is no secret mystery of the universe, if you have gained weight it did not happen by accident. Even a single innocent looking extra biscuit once a day over the course of a year could equal significant weight gain.

Over time if your total energy expenditure is less than its intake you will gain weight the same formula holds true for the opposite. Some of us are more efficient at storing energy than others, however this does not mean weight loss is impossible it just means greater discipline, better choices and a little self control.

How many athletes, sports men and woman can you name who do not require coaching or mentoring? The answer is simple, its non of them.

All top performers utilise the most advanced tools to the best of their availability, because all of us, every single person on this beautiful planet has distractions, hiccups, bumps in the road and wrinkles that can be ironed out.

It is part of life and the human experience.

No matter how much technologically advances no bit of technology can come close to human interaction in boosting and assisting in improving human performance.

You dont have to be a celebrity or an athlete to benefit from the motivation and advice of a health and fitness professional, anyone who wants the best results safely and effectively will understand the value of hiring a personal trainer, coach or mentor to help them take accountability for there time and help focus on improve both mental and physical performance.

Food is a catalyst- Please dont think of food as something restrictive or a diet no food by definition is good or bad but more or less useful to our bodies and minds. Most people on a "diet" feel bad and crave more of what you perceive to be restricted, eat wise, have a little of what you crave some of the time but eat whole unprocessed foods more often than not.

Just because something is meat free does not make it healthy, eat food more food made by nature and consume less processed food and beverage.

Exercise is essential for a healthy body and mind but no amount of hard work will offset a terrible diet.

Diet- Let your healthy eating be the catalyst that help keep you on track

Find the best fitness centre in your area

Finding the right gym for you could be the key to success or failure. Just a rocket needs fuel to achieve lift off a good environment can act as a catalyst driving you to improve your performance mentally and physically.

What is the best gym in Cardiff

Find a gym that suits your needs if you are looking for a private class big or small and live in Cardiff city you will be spoiled for choice. When it comes to finding the best gym in your area its all about perspective and depends on what you are looking for.

Find the perfect gym partner

The positives of joining a gym in your area dont just include looking better and reaching your optimum level of health and wellness, joining a gym is a great way of making friends that help to push you in a positive direction.

Motivation is the catalyst to any success

Finding a gym partner who shares a common goal or attitude can be very motivating and help to improve your chances of success as long as their goals are inline with yours. For example teaming up with someone who is training for a marathon is great if your goals are endurance based but would be as useful as a chocolate kettle if your are body building or strength training.

How to maximise your workouts for the best possible gains

Just as a wheel turning in the wrong direction is going to get you nowhere fast the people who you surround yourself with will either help or hinder your progress.

Write down your goals so you have them in physical form.

Create a time frame to measure success.

Make your goals realistic, measurable and realistic.

Listen to your body.

Get enough rest.

If you need safe and reliable advice contact a personal trainer like for some sound advice or better still book sessions to ensure you are heading in the right direction and your exercise routine is in line with your goals.

Train sensibly

Exercise at an intensity that is correct for you this can take a little trail and error too easy you wont see results too hard you could be walking like john wayne for a week.

Work smarter not harder

Are we there yet? Sometimes it can feel like your are running in place, working harder and going no where. During the twenty plus years I have been involved in the fitness industry I have see an ample amount of Percy procrastinators Harald hump back and Bobby bad forms to write a book on how not to go no where fast, some people welcome advice and assistance others would rather brake there back than bruise there ego, never the less if you I see someone doing something potentially dangerous I feel mortally and ethically obliged to offer my advice, even if it is not always reciprocated with enthusiasm. If your are a trainer and do nothing to correct dangerous practices just because the individual is not your client then you really need to evaluate your life choices, perhaps teaching isn't for you.

As with everything in life you get out what you put in, your body will react to you and your choices.

Plan your workouts using a scientific method dont use bro science, if meat head Murray from the local gym is 200lbs of solid muscle all year round and living of nothing than protein shakes and fish oil that might work for him but remember genetics can play a critical roll in determining how your body recovers and influences growth and repair.

There is no short cut to a healthy lifestyle and dietary supplement are no substitute for a good old fashioned varied diet.

Dont beat yourself up

Sometimes genetics are not on your side, some medical risks can be reduces by leading a healthy lifestyle and enjoying a varied diet. You can do all the right things and make all the healthy choices and sometimes life still slaps you down and gives you a gift that was neither wanted or deserved.

Having an illness does not mean you are weak nor should you be embarrassed or blame yourself for any medical condition you may or many not have, if you have a issue that requires medical attention or monitoring be sensible and listen to the advice and guidance of your medical practitioner.

Do diets work?

The problem with diets is they are short lived and not sustainable.

Half of the time most people set themselves up for a fall, they go all out blasting every machine that vibrates fires laser beams, promises to freeze and melt fat sucking up more hope than actual body fat and often the only thing that gets lighter is your wallet. After going 10 rounds with the turbo trainer, and eating nothing but olive oil coconut butter and the next wishy washy super food that’s fallen off the back of the other side of the moon.

Blood sweat and tears aches pains and half-starved to gingerly climb on the scales to the horror of seeing less than a lettuce leaf of fat loss.

What goes up must come down, unfortunately the laws of weight loss are not as easy to define as the laws of gravity.

Some food for thought, If diets worked long term would any slimming company be in business? Most slimming companies work on selling quick fixes, aimed at fast weight loss that is short lived. These companies are banking on the fact human nature out trumps sensibility and self control once the allotted diet phase has elapsed.

It's about this time you are glowing from your calorie restricted diet, you think to yourself wow this diet really works.

Your shiny new waist line is looking good, oh yes, and at this point you think to yourself

"who needs that crapy diet anymore".

It's at this point the genius at yo yo world begins to rub his or her hands with glee, cha ching.

The label should read- Warning may cause irritability, steal joy, and or make social events a fun sucking vortex in which it is your duty to boar everyone in the room with tireless details of how you are on a diet again. P.s did we mention that Mother nature has a few tricks up her sleeve to ensure you maintain homeostasis.

Oops You may have also temporally slowed your metabolic rate down in the process before becoming a human food magnet.

The good old yoyo diet has been brought to life once more, choo choo hear comes the weight gain and a few extra pounds just for giggles.

Why can I keep the weight off after dieting?

Sadly most people once ending a diet begin to eat normally, which would be fine if normal food consumption equalled a balanced diet that did not go over the recommended energy requirements for the individual.

Did you know Diets can slow your progress?

Having too low calorie restriction can slow your metabolic rate over a given period making weight gain a near certainty if you fail to eat sensibly once your diet comes to an end.

Sadly most people who yo yo diet regularly will gain more weight than they originally lost because of this fact.

Selling False Hope

People who yoyo diet will find it hard to keep a stable weight this is due to hormone and chemical signals that help your body maintain homeostasis, this is evolutions ingenious method of ensuring we maintain a steady weight and that our body has all the required resources for survival.

In a non easy to stuff our face environment this would be very advantageous, our ancestor needed to store fat for times of famine. Modern day convenience provides effortless access to processed foods that are more energy dense than natural whole natural foods.

Some studies suggest it can take up to six months for your brain and gut to create a stable weight so if you want to keep your weight stable you may want to plan a sensible healthy lifestyle rather than a quick fix.

Diet food companies make millions on this well known fact, human nature helps ensure they cash in regularly, and the arduous round of the latest slimming fad repeats its endless cycle that are deliberately short and usually unmaintainable.

Best Tips To keep Healthy

Teach yourself how to eat healthily it will be the best investment in your future that money can buy, don't use fads or live off a small selection of foods use varied diet any restrictive diet will have its disadvantages and advantages.

Why Diets Are Bad News In The Long Run

Quick fixes dont address the reasons you gained the weight in the first place, diet business models are created to make you fail and keep you hooked on the false economy of quick fixes.

The truth is that most of the slimming companies would be out of business if their products worked effectively, now thats a tough pill to swallow, if you really value your health and wellbeing teach yourself to eat sensibly and healthily, try new food groups and be adventurous.

Learning to address the habits and behaviours that created your weight gain in the first place is the only sure way to create a lasting and maintainable healthy lifestyle, forget the excuses only you can take responsibility for your actions.

Rather than diet, eat sensibly, create healthy habits that are easy for you to achieve.

Eat more vegetables, drink more water, consume less processed foods and reduce you alcohol intake and of course exercise regularly at least 150 mins per week.

Spend time with people who make you laugh and give your time to people who value it.

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