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Log what you have eaten to give yourself a clear understanding of your eating pattern and habits, this simple tracker will help explore areas that could improve upon.


Remember this is about maintaining a healthy weight

BMI does not take into account athletic or more muscular builds such a body builders. 

Be balanced not obsessed your weight is just a number and only part of the picture.

Making small changes to your eating pattern helps to form healthy habits which can have dramatic effects on your mental and physical health.

When implementing any lasting change into your lifestyle it is your belief system that is important to focus on, in order to restructure habits and break negative cycles.

When it comes to nutrition finding the right balance is important, do not feel disheartened if you have a day that you feel could have been healthier, conquering destructive habits can be a difficult hurdle to overcome, always remember moderation is the key to success, enjoy a little of what you like and never punish yourself.

If you fall off the wagon dust yourself off and get back on-board, change is a long road just remember the destination.   


How to overcome self-sabotage

Never focus your attention on words such as diet for many of us simply the idea of being on “a diet” causes some of us feel like we are missing out. There are successful multi million pound industries that rely on people to use their products and cash in on the yo yo effect, a healthy lifestyle is not a diet.


Tips to a leaner waist line

Eat slower

Chew your food properly

Serve food on smaller plate

Use chop sticks

Have a glass of water with your meal

Avoid triggering your brain into presenting you with the notion that you are somehow losing out.

Think of your meal time as healthy fuel that makes you feel satisfied, the better the fuel the more efficiently the machine runs.


After all your body is the world’s most sophisticated machine look after it and it will last you a lifetime

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