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Dont luck out during lockdown

How to keep yourself illuminated during lockdown.

This year has lots of challenges lucking out on lock down should not be one of them.

This year has definitely had its challenges that can aid to hamper even the most bonny and motivated individual.

Here are some handy true and tested tips for keeping tip top during lockdown.

Let there be light!

Yes its that time of year where the sun gingerly pops up just to tease us into motion before shyly dipping behind the earth sending all creatures of the earth into energy saving mode winter is here.

Get as much natural light as humanly possible without causing your self hazard or danger, avoid burning, work in naturally lit areas when possible, get as much bright light as your day will allow.

Sessionally effected disorder or sad is no laughing matter natural light triggers a response in the brain that helps produce serotonin the feel good hormone with could go some way to explaining why sun light is one of natures great anti depressants.

Thats why getting out doors is important for your mental and physical health, a twenty to thirty minute walk is optimal for fighting the blues toping up on vitamin d and for allowing the natural scandium rhythm to take place. Expose to bright light during the day is as stimulating as coffee and will help you to take control of insomnia during your natural sleeping time helping your body and mind to get the right signals for wake and sleep cycles.

The light that is responsible for illuminating our Earth originates from the sun as it omits its energy in the form of radiant waves which are continuously blasted from the surface of the sun at the speed of light. This energy makes its way the million or so mile journey across time and space before making contact with our earths protective atmosphere.

Luckily our planet has a number of protective measures to protect us from being annihilated by the nuclear bombardment, curtsy of out neighbouring sun and its comic family.

Materials in our planets core help create a powerful magnetic shield know to us as the geomagnetic field and can be demonstrated to us via the north and south poles which is why a compass will alway point to North handy for human travels and for the survival of our entire eco system and for the survival of all life on earth.

Another protective measure our home plant has at its arsenal is the gasses that form our atmosphere, not only does this enable us to live in a relatively stable temperature but allows us the ability to breath and enjoy life with out being cooked to a crisp, so win win.

Our atmosphere contains gasses such as ozone oxygen and nitrogen help to filter enough harmful cosmic rays such as ultraviolet light from the sun ensuring life as we know it is made possible.

I digress but I hope you this illustrates the value of something we take for granted, some of the best things in life are free.

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