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We at GM-Fitness have been fortunate to helped literally hundreds of people improve there health and wellness. We have had the privilege of helping to forge new, long lasting friendships and support networks, develop relationships with clients that we now call friends.

Everyone has a unique story and lifestyle, which creates unique challenges and opportunities for us to develop and grow as people.

The world is a ever growing changing place, being able to adapt and change is an essential part of life.

Small changes to lifestyle can lead to huge benefits both physically, mentally and socially. 


GM-Fitness are a team of male and female personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts. 

We believe that your wellness is as important as the air you breathe.


Just as a vehicle without the right fuel will not go far, the same is true for your body, the better you take care of it the more reliable it will be. 

Gareth & Melissa

Mel and I  joined forces many years ago, forged together by our love of health and fitness.


GM Fitness  have a unwavering passion for health and fitness, both Mel and I love too cook and experiment with healthy new exciting dishes. Both Mel and I enjoy a healthy relationship with exercise, and a balanced lifestyle. Personally I like to take my fitness just outside my comfort zone while Mel enjoys pushing every aspect of fitness to the limit.



GM Fitness have successfully helped to improve men and woman’s fitness across Cardiff and  the world via internet personal training for more than ten years.


Mel and Gareth genuinely believe they offer something different to the other personal training companies in the area and make a living from what we enjoy most; helping people realise their fitness goals and attain all the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. We have gone from strength to strength since then, assisted by great word-of-mouth from our clients, but we still offer the same friendly, personal service we always have. 

Our guiding principle has always been that health brings happiness, but that the journey there should feel like an adventure rather than a slog. From sharing healthy recipes with our online community to the satisfaction of helping our clients smash their personal goals we



"Mel exudes boundless enthusiasm for fitness and her passion for getting results projects itself to her clients. Mel's 'can do' attitude and self-discipline is a contagious motivational tool. Mel has a tough but fair approach when motivating clients who demand results, and her boundless energy will push you to achieve the most out of every session, provide you with confidence and direction and ensure success is your only option." 


"Gareth's passion for fitness developed from an early age, from competitive martial arts to swimming and Yoga Gareth has always been a keen fitness enthusiast. He has a wealth of experience from working with nutritionists and health professionals for many years. Gareth believes everyone has the potential to better themselves and reach their full potential if they are taught how and commit to stay fit. His ethos is that health and fitness is a lifestyle choice that we all should adopt. This passion is radiated during his sessions and classes where Gareth's friendly nature and approach to teaching will ensure you experience a positive and enjoyable fitness journey."

Academic Achievements

Diploma in personal training level 3

Diploma in Health & Fitness

Diploma Cognitive Behavioural

Diploma in Massage 

Diploma in Yoga 

Diploma professional life coaching 

Certificate in Teaching Exercise and Fitness

Hypnotherapy Practitioner 

Stress management in the Workplace 

OCN level 2 ICT for fitness instructors

ICT for fitness instructors level 2

OCR Gym instructor level 2

First Aid for Sport & Exercise

Emergency first aid

Emergency Life Support 

First aid at work

Emergency First Aid at work

Life Guard National Pool Qualified Lifeguards Level 2

Fitness assessment (FITCH)

OCR Level 2 Certificate in teaching exercise and fitness gym circuits

Spin Instructor CPD (YMCA)

OCR Level 2 l 2 improving learning and performance

CCR circuit’s instructor level 2

Hockey leaders

Dragon leaders

Hockey umpire

Foundation in food hygiene

YMCA Nutrition and Weight Management Level 3

YMCA Training in Different Environments Level 3

YMCA Exercise Knowledge Level 3

YMCA Client Lifestyle and Fitness Assessment Unit Certificate Level 3

All Wales NHS Manual Handling Training Passport

Core fundamentals

Weight Concern fighting obesity skills for Behaviour change (BHF)

Conflict management training   

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