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Everybody realises the importance of health and fitness, but what exactly is wellness?


Wellness is a collection of states used to describe physical and mental health the states, dictate our overall well-being.Since everybody has there their own perspectives of what makes one feel valued and fulfilled, wellness is very personal to.


How can I measure my wellness? 

Measuring your own wellness can be easy as measuring your own wellness is a self reflective and can only truly measured from within.


What is wellness? 

Wellness is more than just a word for some wellness is physical absence of pain and suffering for others Health and wellness is a well balanced body and mind. 


All of us from time to time experience periods of sickness this is and then unavoidable fact of life. However achieving wellness endeavours you to become the healthiest activist and happiest you can.

Well this is not the simple absence of disease wellness is the physical and mental state of being.

Health and fitness is important but what exactly wellness? 


Wellness is growing with popularity and relates to all aspects of our lives and and can be incorporated in a practical and relevant way that brings happiness and fulfilment into your life.


Explain wellness?  

Wellness is a collection states used collectively describe both physical and mental health. 


Although our physical and mental wellness can be see as transient and ever changing we can influence many factors that shape both our physical and mental wellbeing.

Since everybody has a unique perspective of what makes one feel valued, fulfilled, and in a state of general wellness. 


Measuring wellness is very personal and a uniquely created pattern that describes many elements of your life and lifestyle.

How can I measure my wellness?


Measuring your own wellness in not as difficult,  in fact it can be easy,  measuring your own wellness is essentially an exercise of self reflective and can only truly measured from within or measured against several perimeters for example.


1.Social happiness - Am I happy with my family friends and work colleagues .

2.Time- Do I  have a good balance, how do I use my time?

3.Environmental- Do you live in an area with low pollution? Is it safe? Do you find work stimulating and for-filling?  

4.Occupational- Is your work place a supportive and safe environment?

5.Intellectual- Are you being provided adequate mental stimulation?  

6.Romance- Do I have a good relationships with my significant other?

7.Physical- Do I maintain my physical health? seek medical help if needed.

8.Nutritional- Are you fuelling yourself with the best of the worst nature has to offer? 

9.Mental- Is my mental health the best it could be? seek help if needed.

10.Financial- Im I worried about finances? Do I put too much emphasis on materialistic items? Im I financially secure?

11.Spiritual-Do you feel your practices bring you fulfilment, peace and enlightened?  

12.Ethical-Are you proud of the decisions you make on a daily basis.

All of us from time to time experience periods of sickness this is and then unavoidable fact, achieving wellness enables you to focus on becoming the healthiest activist and happiest you can. 


Far from simply being the absence of disease wellness encompasses all aspects of your life and finding the right balance for you as an individual is a worth while cause.

Often people over look the importance of environmental factors that my contribute to wellness or sickness.


Example of wellness in action


Social wellness  describes how you perform in social roles. For example do you feel comfortable with your current group? Are they a supportive network of reliable friends and family?  Would you describe your peers as safe supportive? Could you rely on them in an emergency? If you are in a relationship do you communicate effectively and respectfully with your romantic partner? How do you cope with new situations? 




How do manage time effectively?

Do you procrastinate? spend too much time on social media? Spend endless hours scrolling till day turns to night?



How do I measure my physical wellness?

There are a number of ways we could measure our physical wellness, for example your ability to perform day-to-day tasks with ease, including elements of flexibility strengths stamina  help to describe physical wellnesss. Most medical descriptions would agree that absence of diseases, pain or suffering would constitute physical wellness.


Reduce stress

Stress can have major negative impact on physical and mental wellbeing, their a various practises that may help you to learning techniques that may help you to understand and reduce unhelpful triggers.  



What is Spiritual wellness?


Spiritual wellness focuses on a set  of values that help you some people find meaning and purpose. spirituality can be represented in many ways for example through practice of healthy lifestyles such as yoga. The practice of spirituality covers a broad range of topics.  Spirituality can help with relaxation or focus on religious elements, ethics and values. Being spiritual can be a resources to use to cope with issues that come up in everyday life. Some feel spiritual wellness enables them to find purpose. spirituality is expressed in many forms and translates differently from person, sometimes it brings hope and enables them to cope of every day life. 


For others exposure wellness is the pursuit of ethical and moral guidance that enables expression of these values hopes and beliefs. 


occupational wellness is the pursuit of happiness during ones working career this can include physical wellness such as being comfortable in working environment im being physically emotionally and intellectually fulfilled during ones working duties. Pursuit of knowledge while expressing a willingness to explore the beliefs and ideas of others, can help broaden your imagination help enrich your understanding and help you develop new exciting ideas. 

Whenever someone asks what is wellness wellness? Hopefully you can help answer their question.

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