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Cardiff personal training

 Personal Training  In Cardiff

Professional qualified male and female personal trainers in and around Cardiff.

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Best online personal trainers

Over 16 years experience. 

best personal training

Online Sessions Available 

Cant get to the gym? Workout with us online.

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Get fit from the comfort of your home.

Fitness for you when you want it and where ever you need it.

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Safe and Effective 

Your health is your wealth, investing time to improve it its the best decision you will ever make.

best personal trainer in cardiff

Make positive change

One step leads to another let us guide you towards a healthier fitter future. 

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Are you searching  for personal training in Cardiff? If you are curious to see how we can help please get in touch.

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Book A Personal Trainer

Where can I find a good personal trainer in my area? 

GM-FITNESS offer the best personal training services online . 

How do you choose a personal trainer in Cardiff? 

Contact us to see how we can help.


Do you live in or near Cardiff? 

If you are searching for personal training within the Cardiff area we can help.



Where can I find a personal trainer?

You can reach us in Cardiff.


Where can I have personal training? 


Cardiff personal training studio 


Personal training at home 


Cardiff personal training gym 


Outdoor personal training 


Work based personal training 


Please enquire for more details- click here



Do you personal train outside of Cardiff?

We can make home visits at an additional supplement depending of the the distance,

please get in touch to find out more.    


Are you looking for a personal trainer but not sure if you need a male or female personal trainer?

We have both male and female personal trainers available,

if you are unsure what you need contact us for an informal chat. 


Do you need a reliable personal trainer in Cardiff?

Reliability is part of our business ethos,

we give you the best possible support and advice to help make health,

wellness and fitness as part of your day as waking up in the morning.


Are you looking to hire an expert personal trainer in the Cardiff area?

Look no further we have many year experience helping transform clients lifestyles

and help support them to become fitter, happier and more confident.    


How do you find the best personal trainers in Cardiff?

Finding the best personal trainers for you should be easy,

if you have come to this website in the search of answers

then we hope you reach your own conclusion and hope we can help you.   


How do you know which personal trainer to pick? 

With thousands of personal trainers to choose from how do you select the right personal trainer to help you

reach your full potential and achieve your goals?  Cardiff personal trainers GM-FITNESS can help.

If you are interested in booking personal training in Cardiff we would love to hear from you,

we have limited availability so if you are serious about making changes, get in touch with us now.


Some clients have waited over a year before joining us,

worrying about what if’s and maybes,

now that they are training their only regret is

that they did not start sooner. 

Why you will never regret investing in your health

We are friendly highly qualified experienced professionals,

we offer male or female personal instructors

both professional and down to earth

our mission is to motivate you.


Where can I find a personal trainer?

GM-FITNESS are located in the heart of Cardiff 

we offer a number of options for personal training

online personal training

as well as in person. 

One to One personal training sessions

  we offer personal training to couples

Personal training sessions can be shared by small groups

Personal training sessions are perfect for groups who really want to feel the benefits of  group personal training 

 We cover all aspects of personal training from one on one to online personal training we have you covered.   


Do you offer personal training in the Cardiff Bay area?

Yes we do we provide personal training in Cardiff bay please get in touch for other areas are you looking for a trusted and proven service to aimed at accelerating you toward success.


How can I find out more about personal training in Cardiff?

Chat with us for under no obligation we are friendly, approachable and happy to help. 


Find a Personal Trainer and get Personal Training that is right for you 

We at GM-FITNESS offer professional advice 


One-to-one personal training

Group personal training sessions 

Personal training programmes

Online personal training 

Outdoor training 

Home training 







We provide that all important motivation that will push you to challenge yourself,

we ensure maximum results.

We are committed to helping you become the best you can be,

we offer the most up to date and effective advice and methods. 

Our belief is that  our enthusiasm and dedication is second to none. 


Can you guarantee results?

Sadly no one can guarantee results,

the hard work in put in by you during the session is only a small section of your day,

it takes real desire,

motivation and will power to create permeant change. 


How are we different?

We do not believe one-size-fits-all,

you are unique and so are your needs we create tailored plans just for you. Whatever goal you have  we can help. 


We at gm-fitness are dedicated to helping achieve the most from you,

the gym can be a daunting place for beginners and even people who have been training for years can find themselves stuck in a rut and struggling to improve or stay motivated.

there are a dizzying range of magazines and online articles full of fad training tips and wonder workouts take the guess work out of it and hire a professional today. 

We never subscribe to fads,

instead we offer simple professional guidance effective training that helps optimum results. 

Our focus is you.  

We are dedicated to helping you get the best results in the safest and painless manner possible.


How long will it take to see results from personal training?

There is no simple answer to this question, everyone has a unique lifestyle and as such it can be very difficult to predict, genetics, age, gender and lifestyle all play a part in results. 


We aim to give you guidance to help you live healthy and maintain a sustainable healthy weight, we can provide programs that may help with toning muscle. Help with body shaping improve posture, reduce pain, as well as help you seek a physique that is healthy and maintainable. 


Body sculpture, we can help increase your overall strength, power, build muscle, optimise your overall health and fitness, through cardiovascular and aerobic training general wellness.


A positive side effect of theses types of training can include lowering blood pressure and boosting energy levels, make you look and feel better.We can assist you with recovery from injury, rehabilitation and help you focus on correcting muscular imbalances.

We can help improve your flexibility and mobility and help you feel great.


How long does a personal training session usually last? 

Sessions last approximately  30-45 min sometime longer. 


Why is personal training at your home a good idea?

Hiring a personal trainer to visit you at home can be a great idea, you have all the benefits of a personal trainer but without travelling  getting stuck in traffic or the need to sign up to a gym membership hassle and effective.


Do you provide online personal training?



Where can I find an online personal trainer?

Yes we provide online personal training for many happy clients, this type of training offers the benefits of personal training to people who are too busy to visit a gym, suitable for people who work remotely, or are not fans of gyms.   


Our Services Include

Cardiff PT Studio | Personal Training Studio in Cardiff

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PERSONAL Trainer Cardiff

GM-FITNESS – Personal Trainers in Cardiff and Penarth

Hire a Good Personal Trainer | Cardiff

Female Personal Trainer | Personal Trainers

gm-fitness personal trainers- Best Personal Training in Cardiff

gm-fitness personal training | Female Personal Trainer | Cardiff

gm-fitness personal training |Male Personal Trainer | Cardiff

gm-fitness fitness classes | Mixed training| in Cardiff

Personal Trainers l Expectations, Benefits & Costs | GM-FITNESS.CO.UK

Personal Trainers | Services in Cardiff |GM-FITNESS

Melissa is a Qualified highly experienced female personal trainer in Cardiff

Gareth is a Qualified proficiently skilled male personal trainer in Cardiff

Private gym for personal training clients plus fitness classes

Online personal training

One to one, couple personal training, group personal training   


Hire Professional highly experienced motivated personal trainers  

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