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Worried About Working Out?

Your health has never been so important with the shadow of Covi-19 looming over our shoulders what does this mean for business as usual?

Gyms and health facilities have reopened throughout the country and with it we have seen a flurry of online activity of people opting to train online rather than attend sessions in person.

Is online training a vision of things to come, or a mere shift in the sensibilities of our times?

Online fitness sessions have boomed in recent months, mainly due to lack of access to open facilities forcing people who value there health to log on and join the online community.

Now that gyms have reopened why the sudden trend for working out at home?

The obstacles that acted as a blockade people who have not experienced online training have been lifted, getting over the first hurdle is the toughest action, most clients are amazed at how much more time they have exercising remotely, they love the interaction and the experience with the convenience of online personal training or joining exercises classes.

Many people’s lives and work lives have been irreparably affected by the recent events and may continue to do so until a vaccine has been created so some.

Even with the promise of a cure on the horizon the physiological implications that may weed themselves into the minds of many, may prove difficult to exhume.

Living with the ever present fear of an invisible foe is a small window into the mind of anybody living with anxiety.

How do we keep ourselves safe from the masses while maintaining a healthy level of normality? What does the future hold?

How long will the new normal remain and when if ever will things return to how they once were, can we ever really answer these questions with a high level of certainty?

Despite the government’s strategy some people understandably have concerns about the safety of themselves and of others. Are these concerns warranted and should we continue to isolate despite the governments advice not to?

Social distancing is a key tool for combating the spread, this does not mean you should live in fear nor should you isolate yourself from the rest of the world.

For many living in a bubble is a worse fate than death, isolation, anxiety and mental health is as insidious as any virus, as is the negative effects of loneliness and boredom that have claimed the lives of far more than Covid -19 could ever dream of.

This is why today it is even more important to maintain your health and fitness in whatever form you choose it.

Many people exercise to improve more than their physical health, working out or as some have coined it “working in” is as important as fresh air to those of us who understand its value.

Exercise is the glue to the paper of positivity, and the magic potion to an ever growing catalogue of ailments. This is not simply conjecture, rather a poetic truth that is tethered to reality backed by science and hard facts.

Exercise is medicine, taken in the right dose at the recommended level is an unbelievable benefit so however you get yours make sure you do it regularly.

Don’t be afraid to start, don’t be afraid to ask, any exercise is better than non.

Get in touch with us to join one our online fitness community, help maintain your health and fitness whenever and where ever you are.

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