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Body Beautiful

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Your body is beautiful what ever its size or shape, be proud of what you have and celebrate it!

Keep it healthy and it will treat you well.

Personal Trainer Cardiff

Are you your own worst critic? Do you find yourself dismissing complements and forever picking holes in your achievements? Its a very British thing, someone pays you a complement and rather than be flattered we naturally assume the person is plotting to rob us or is somehow about to give you a back handed complement.

You are looking great today - somehow becomes in your head

"yesterday you looked bloody awful.....but today... today you can pass as human"

We are all human and thats something we cannot escape and each of us carries with us our own hang ups and unique view of the world. What is perfection? Your idea may be miles apart from another, so when you really get your teeth into it, your concept of perfection is literally unique to your and your thoughts.

How do you chase perfection if everyones idea of "perfect" is one more step away. In another persons shoes your idea of almost good enough is someone eases vision of heaven.

We are strange creatures we members of the human race, we are the only species that has evolved to focus so intently on our own imperfections that we sometimes fail to see the woods from the trees. Always rushing to get no were fast, never quite happy unless we are striving to obtain something slightly out of reach and when we get there "hum perhaps I would be happier if". Perhaps it is in our nature to feel inadequate in order for us to progress as human beings or is the pressure of social and economic tides tugging away at our sensibilities and blinding from seeing what is right in front of us.

Are you all ruled by the fear of missing out? A self destructive critic that tirelessly demands more than you can give? When you get to your perfect place sabotage your happiness with self created illusions of that even more "perfect" vision of Navana just over the horizon.....? If you can only get there you would be happy, ignoring the fact you have just climbed a mountain to achieve your initial vision of glory and dismissed your amazing achievement.

Next time you are hard on yourself stop and thank of how much you have achieved to reach the place you are now.

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