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Your Most Powerful Tool

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Our Mind is a powerful Tool, often enough we can be trapped in our own prison with no way out, constantly battling with our known self disruptive thoughts.

We can be our own worst nightmare.

Listening to that voice inside our head that is constantly being negative and knocking us down.

How do we change that voice and escape the prison that we have put ourselves in to.

If we do not decide to change our thought pattern, then our thoughts will always remain the same.

Ways to Help you change your current thought pattern.

Start to become aware of the way you think and feel, be open to listening to your body when you know what triggers a bad negative thought, write that trigger down.

Try to always take walks during the day especially when the sun is shining to boost those happy hormones. During the winter months when its dark wet and windy this can often lead to a feeling of darkness. To combat this schedule your walk into your diary regardless of the weather, it is important to break the negative routine that you are currently following.

Eating a balanced diet has an effect on the way we feel it impacts or health our energy levels, impacts how we look and feel. Its a fact that what we eat can have implication on or health both mentally and physically.

If you want to change the first step to change must come from within you, address why you choose to take the actions you do and how you can overcome them in order to have a long and lasting positive lifestyle impact.

Surround yourself with positive people, people that have goals and ambitions, say good bye to the people drainers.

Book yourself in for weekly training sessions, Training equals endorphin's= endorphin's equal happy hormones, happy hormones equal a positive way of thinking. If you have an appointment you are less likely to cancel.

Set your self weekly smart goals, as humans we like to be constantly achieving goals, without personal achievements being set, we can often feel lost and low.

Drink plenty of water and green tea throughout the day, staying hydrated has positive effects on your bowel movements.

Laugh, Watch a funny movie, play a childish game, bake some cakes, Break your day to day routine and set out some out to have a good old giggle.

Here at GM-Fitness we are believers in stepping out of your comfort zone,

if you are not happy about something only you are responsible for changing it.

For more information contact the team today and get fit in Cardiff.

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