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Move More Mondays

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Movement With GM-Fitness

Good afternoon, Check in from GM-Fitness Cardiff personal trainers

How was your weekend? Did you manage to stay active and eat well?

Weekends often tend to be the sore spot of a fitness regime, due to routine going out of the window, family and friend meet ups, This type of behaviour is often the case for many people as we feel the weight from the week has been lifted off our shoulders and now it is time to unwind and distress from our 9-5 lives.

What we consume has an effect on the way we feel. A little of what we fancy is healthy, but to much is sometimes thought as a binge. All the hard work that we put in during the week can sometimes be knocked out of the equation due to the over indulgence of the weekend.

A little fact 3500 calories= 1 Pound of GAINED WEIGHT. The trick when it comes to weekends is to still participate in exercise. Set your alarm for Saturday morning boot camp, One class can burn up to 800 calories, This will set you up for the weekend ahead.

Movement is key to a successful Health/ Wellness/ Fitness Lifestyle. Remember what ever you over consumed that is now in the past, it is now time to move on and think about the present moment.

Monday is a new day and today is all about movement. The more we move the more calories we burn up= The better we feel= The more functional our day will be, as exercise enhances your mood and everyone wants to feel happy on a Monday. GM-Fitness recommend setting yourself 1 daily GOAL, This goal will give you a feeling of self worth and achievement, so go right ahead and write down your goal, please have a valid reason why you wish to achieve this goal.



Tips to help you work towards your goal.

Preparation: Plan your meals for the week ahead. Book your training sessions. Schedule down time. Read something new every day. Learn to Laugh.

Do not stress your self out over situations that you can not control.

Have a great Monday. Remember Water will find a path to flow.

SO stay focused and remember the smart Method.


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