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Ageless Beauty

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

What is beauty? Does it have an age or gender? Well in my mind beauty comes in all ages shapes and sizes and transcends gender.

You can have a beautiful mind, attitude, body and spirit, beauty is definitely not defined by age or gender.

Your health has no limits so why should your exercise effect your decisions making? After all age is just a number, another human invention that serves to segregate and categorise our time on Earth. Age should never stop you from achieving your goals, some of the most creative and arguably healthy fit people I have ever met have been will over 50 and have more life than most 20 year olds.

Society can have a warped view on an older population, 40 years ago the average 60 year old would be expected to be at home with a pipe and slippers or knitting jumpers. Truthfully I have met a growing number of people who are 50 plus who can jump hoops over most 20-30 year olds mindset and attitude can help you achieve incredible things.

Your body is amazing if you take care of it then it will last you a lifetime.

Often people create superficial barriers to exercise and fitness creating invisible obstacles that stop them from starting, let alone maintaining a healthy fitness lifestyle or routine. It never ceases to amaze me that people create such hang ups about starting exercise, stories of people who feel they are too fat to go to the gym and wait to lose weight before they go or those who use age as a barrier with the misguided belief that only 20 year old models and action men attend the gym. If anxiety is your biggest foe then remember everyone starts somewhere and everyone who workout does so for the same reasons you do, never let pride be an obstacle to bettering yourself.

It does not matter if you are under of over 50 your body and mind will benefit from exercise and a healthy lifestyle. A subject every scientist on the planet can agree on is that exercise is beneficial for your health.

Fit for life
Female fitness over 50

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