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Popping The Myths

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

The truth about healthy snacks.

You pump iron, you sweat till steam vents from your skin like a highly powered steam train but could your so called healthy snacks be derailing your progress?

Did you know?

Some protein bars contain up to 27g of sugar over 200cals which can take an average person one hour of brisk walking to burn off, to add insult to injury, shockingly some of these so called healthy snack bars contain as many calories as a chocolate bar and as much salt as sea water pressed together in a hodgepodge of artificial flavours stabilisers and sweeteners.

Not all protein bars are made equal, but the question is can any of mankind’s food creations come close to that of mother nature?

What’s wrong with nature’s snacks?

There are the obvious contenders such as fruit and vegetables but what about pop corn?

Air popper pop corn could be a great way to enjoy a sin without risking expanding skin.

“See what I did there?”

Firstly feeling guilty about eating anything is a recipe for disaster the road of guilt eating leads no wear fast and only serves to make us feel rubbish and demotivate us from our goals, if you have a bad moment don’t make it a bad week.

If you are a afflicted by the sometimes unstoppable "carbasourous"

a made up name to describe lustful carbohydrate monsters such as I.

Then pop corn could be a great snack solution for you, unflavoured it provides a hunger crushing reasonably healthy solution to episodes of man vs food.

Pop Corn Facts: Air-popped popcorn has only 30 calories per cup; which is about the same as a rice cake, oil-popped popcorn has only 35 calories per cup.

To put that into perspective that means you can enjoy just over six cups of pop corn or 1 protein bar.

Good source of fibre: 1g of fiber per cup, 0 fat,1 gram protein, 6g Carbohydrate,0 suger, 2% of your recommended iron intake for the day.

So next time you are stuck for snack ideas get it popping.

Eat Healthy

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