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Weird Workout- Its looks Strange But It Works

Cardio session- Bounce Ball

Here one for all the multi tasking people out there, squat and bounce the ball is an interesting way to raise your pulse and also raise some other questions, for instance:

“what is she/he doing? Why are they bouncing an invisible ball…?”

But to be honest those people are clearly jealous, they wish they had and invisible ball to bounce.

You can use a real ball if you have good coordination or not next to anything you don’t mind destroying.

Exercise has many benefits which may inclined improving coordination, mental health, improve muscle and bone density and may help endorphin release which may improve your perception to pain. Did we mention exercise helps to burning calories, strengthening muscles and improving your over all fitness. You can make this exercise as hard or as easy as you like, the intensity is all down to you.

Technique: Ball Bounce Workout Instructed by: GM-FITNESS

WORKOUT DETAILS Duration:1 min Difficulty:1/5 Equipment: No Equipment Needed Training Type: Resistance Bands

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Twitter: @GMFITcardiff

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