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What can you buy for a million dollars?

What can you buy for a million pounds

What can you buy for a million?

The answer is “most things” however there are some things money cannot buy.

Take for instance your health, if you are a depressed, or in infirm the value of six zeros can amount to nothing.

Your health is the most valuable asset you own, forget big houses, flash cars, diamonds and clothes, anyone can buy material goods, nobody can replace their body so take care of it.

Your health is the single most valuable investment you can make.

You are the most sophisticated creation in the known universe whose chances of existence are infinitesimally small.

Yet here you are reading this blog, “well done you cleaver thing

You and all your spender, against all the odds you have survived the onslaught of nature’s fury and beauty.

No one on earth has shared the same thoughts as you, or will ever truly understand what it is to be you.

You are as unique as your finger prints, one copy, an original masterpiece complete with all you perfectly imperfect flaws. “you sexy Homo sapien”

Rarer than any piece of art, sculpted by nature to be a one off, an aberration, to respect and behold.

Even twins despite looking similar are neurologically worlds apart, sharing different views, and opinions of the world.

It took more than 3.5 billion years for you to be created, “350,000,000,” A lot of zeros”

born into a universe that’s houses over 2 trillion galaxies

to coexist among 8.7 million Earth dwelling life forms.

Your ancestors survived famine, disease, and endured unimaginable hard ship.

Yet there struggle, there tenacity and strength endured the test of time.

Wear your body with pride, you deserve it.

Next time you think to yourself “I have not got time to eat well, or maybe I will exercise tomorrow”

Think about the journey you have already taken just to be here, can you afford not to treat yourself with respect.

Make time for wellness it’s the most valuable time you have.

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