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How can I get my family to eat better during the day?

If you are looking to make positive health changes towards your eating habits the best thing to do, is to discuss all the positive benefits you and your family will reap from making healthy daily changes.

Children look up to parents so our attitude towards food is crucial for change in our family habits.

These fun ideas below will keep you and your family active and entertained, GM-Fitness hope you enjoy the journey.


1) Eat breakfast together, this will insure you and your family begin the day with a balanced meal before heading off to school and work, this will also give you all chance to communicate about your day ahead.

2) Prepare packed lunches the night before, this could either be the left-over meal or fresh food prepped from scratch, the great thing about packed lunches is if you keep it balanced no one should be craving for that extra chocolate bar.

3) Make a food schedule, children need to eat every few hours just as adults do, if we plan ahead and keep our food intake balanced in terms of snacks and lunches, you will find everyone to be a lot less cranky.

4) Bite your tongue, as hard as it may seem, try not to comment on how much your kids/ partner is eating, be as neutral as possible, remember if you play food enforcer such as eat your vegetables, people tend to resist what seems like helpful advice.

5) Ensure that everyone consumes enough fluids throughout the day, sometimes thirst is mistaken for hunger which leads to grabbing that extra sugary snack.

6) Cut back on junk, remember you are in charge of what enters the house and the bodies of your family, not your children. Buy fewer junk foods and this will encourage your family to either cook healthier meals, alternatively making healthy cake at home is a great way to teach your children or partner how to cook. Having less junk food in the home will encourage the whole family to eat more fruit and veg.

7) Allow all foods in your diet, as this ensures a healthy attitude towards food, (Do not use words such as treat, clean eating,) such labels are unhelpful and can stigmatise otherwise healthy foods, the only foods that should be labelled dirty are those that remain unwashed .

8) Be a role model, if you are constantly on a diet or have erratic eating habits your children will grow up thinking this sort of behaviour is normal. Be honest with yourself about the message you are sending out, trust your body to tell you when you are hungry or full and your children will learn to do the same.

9) On weekends or during the week, when you have time, set time to bake healthy cakes, or cookies this will help with snacks throughout the week.

10) Serve food on smaller plates and put away any distractions while eating.

We hope you have enjoyed today’s answer.

GM-Fitness look forward to sharing ongoing health and food tips with you and your family.

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GM-Fitness look forward to sharing ongoing health and food tips with you and your family.

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