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Live Life To The Beat

High Intensity Training

Build Muscle-Burn Fat- Break in to a Sweat

Sessions with GM-Fitness are all about achieving life-long results.

Promoting a lifestyle change that will result in long term well-being.

Our Top 10 Benefits of Hit Training with Team GM-Fitness

1- Increased self – confidence and mental focus.

2- Increased lean tissue- muscles being built.

3- Improvement of natural hormone levels.

4- Improved energy levels, increase in your productivity and focus, feel happier in your

everyday living.

5- Increase in your metabolic rate- great fat burning potential.

6- Increase functional ability- an overall improvement with your ability to deal with stress and strains from everyday life.

7- Help alleviate joint pain.

8- Great improvement to your cardiovascular fitness- optimization of heart, lungs ability to

function and provide your body with the oxygen that it needs.

9- Increase in your flexibility- full range movements will provide ideal flexibility throughout

your body.

10- Bone loss prevention- low impact, high intensity training is one of the best ways to keep your

bones strong and healthy and to prevent demineralization and osteoporosis.

Where can I find a personal trainer?

Sessions are available online, one to one, in a group session or at a bootcamp, home visits are also available in select areas please contact GM-Fitness for details.

Hit Training Sessions can vary anything from 10-Minutes to 45-Minutes.

Decide what training suits you and your personal needs, next find the best personal trainer to help keep you motivated and on target, knowing you have to meet someone who has helped you set targets can help enormously with keeping you focused and on track.

Everyone has their own time constraints and circumstance, if you cannot physically make it to the gym, perhaps booking an online personal trainer could help. This type of training can be fitted around a tight schedule with maximum results, another great thing about hit training is that it can be achieved with minimal equipment, space and has many scientifically proven benefits.

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