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Basic Principles Of Overload

The Basic Principles of exercise, Brought to you by GM-Fitness



Basic Principles of exercise training


If you are looking for overall results and improvements in your training whether it be

strength, endurance, power, speed or flexibility then we must follow the three fundamental principles.

1. Specificity

What you put in is what you get back, so if you’re looking to lose weight and speed up

your metabolic rate then you need to follow a nutrition program which is tailored to your

nutritional needs.

For example a strength training program which runs over a course of 3-5 days will result in increased strength and hypertrophy if the program follows the principals of overload, rest and recovery with regular succession.

Some of us purely wish to drop a dress size or lose weight by following a nutritional plan.

This method of weight loss can be very effective however it can leave some people looking soft and shapeless due to the fact that they have not developed muscle in the process of loosing weight.

The most effective method of changing your overall shape is to adhere to a nutritional plan as well as sign up to a strength or fitness training program.

2. Overload

Push your body past its comfort zone.

Looking to get stronger, Run Faster, Drop-A-Dress Size, Lose Weight?

Progressive overload is the answer, we must strive to work harder and faster, If we

train at the same pace, then we will always get the same results.

Example Of Overload

Week 1-3

2 Push ups

2 Race starts

1km walk

Repeat for 2 weeks

Week 3-4

3 push ups

4 race starts

0.5km Run, 0.4km Walk

Repeat for 2 weeks.

Week 5-6

4 push ups

5 Race starts

1km Run


Once your Body has adapted to a certain overload say for example a box push ups, this may

Indicate that your body has become efficient at the overload for that workload, to continue improving we most keep adding progressive exercises to the program or change the variables and conditions of overload, for example more weight, more reps, increase speed,


You start your routine able to complete push ups on your knees, once this becomes easy for a

set amount of reps, we then progress to a 3-quarter push-up, once this becomes

easy, we progress to a full push up.

Both progression and overload can be achieved by using the FITT approach to guide your changes.

 Frequency - how often you train (1-2, 3-5, 1-6 Times per week)

 Intensity - how hard you train (workload, high or low intensity)

 Time - how long you train (20 min or an hour)

 Type- The type of training you do, Cardio, Strength, Yoga

Incorporating these key principles in to your fitness program is necessary to reap ongoing results.

Hope you found this article Helpful:

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