Why what you eat impacts the health of Billions

Gut Health

You may have seen the vast amount of "health based foods" that are steadily on the rise, they bolster claims of helping to maintain our health in weird and wonderful ways.

While some products are more helpful than other there is no replacement for a healthy balanced diet.

Your body supports billions of micro organisms, most of these microbes play an important roll in maintaining homoeostasis, particularly in the gut where they help to break down food and help with the synthases of vitamin k.

Some new evidence is emerging that suggest the balance of good and bad gut Bactria can even play a roll in immunity.

Feed your body natural foods whenever possible, try to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day. Examples of these can include, oats, green leafy vegetable, nuts and seeds, whole grains.

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Author: Gareth Myles

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