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Live online fitness classes

Live online fitness classes


Workout online                                                                                                     

Time is precious so use it wisely, your health is paramount and without it how can you effectively help yourself or support others who rely on you.


40 minutes of exercise can help maintain and improve your health and fitness. 

Your health is in your hands, choosing to make time to workout is the most powerful investment you will ever make.


Exercising online saves time and help you to keep motivated while working at home or away, no wasting time in traffic and giving you more time to spend focused on whatever the day throws at you.


  • Questions and answers:
  • How long are sessions? Approximately 40 min per session.
  • How much space do I need? The length of an exercise mat.

Do I need an induction online? Yes all new members will require an induction for safety before joining classes.  


  • What equiptment will I need? No equiptment is needed however a comfortable mat is recommended. 


  • What to expect.

Safe and effective support and guidance In the convenience of your own home.

We constantly update our services to provide you with the most effective result help and advice possible to our members.


What this package includes:

  • Online access to live interactive exericise training sessions with your very own personal trainers.
  • 32 sessions per month. 
  • Access to over 100 training videos
  • Effective training materials that will help you maintain a safe, healthy and motivated routine.


Online personal training could be the answer you are looking for, providing you with accountability at a time convenientfor you.


We focus on what is most important to you:

 - Healthy and sustainable Weight Loss programs
 - Toning, shaping and physique sculpture
 - Increase your strength and power and build muscle 
 - Optimise overall Fitness through Cardiovascular and Aerobic Training 
 - General health and fitness, lowering blood pressure and boosting energy levels 
 - Injury Rehabilitation, correcting muscular imbalances and improving flexibility 


From anywhere in the world. Sessions generally last bettween 40 mins  No travelling, no gym membership fees, no hassle.


Log on and take your first steps towards a fitter healthier you.

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£35.00every month until canceled
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