Outdoor Mixed Fitness


Cardiff Fitness Classes help you tighten your buns, strengthen your guns, all while meeting new people and creating new friends.

Sixteen sessions per month, with our diverse fitness sessions your will  enjoy the supportive atmosphere of gm-fitness classes.


This is a perfect way to get fit and keep you motivated, join our mixed group suitable for beginners and advanced levels of fitness.



Join a Bootcamp in your local area.

Who is the fitness class aimed at? Men and woman

Age 18+


Class Schedule

Monday 6:30PM -7:15PM


Saturday 8:30AM- 9:30 AM


Why join our Bootcamps?  Bootcamps are a perfect way to help you to lose weight, tone up, increase your fitness, relieve stress, gain strength, increase endurance, and make new friends.

Where are Bootcamps taken? Bootcamps take place in Penarth, Cardiff and Barry.

“contact us for more details.”

Cardiff Bootcamp have a mix of fitness levels and abilities, no shouting here, just a fun and effective alternative to conventional gym based workouts.


What to expect during your Bootcamp, never get board of the same mundane routine, our Bootcamps incorporate a mix of fitness disciplines, some of these include, box fit, circuits, body weight exercises, combining endurance, fitness and strength training, band work, kettlebells running, core work.


We would love you to join us.   


Price indicated is per month managed by a professional personal trainer and fitness instructors in Cardiff.

(Monthly Membership Fee)  


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