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Personal Trainer Cardiff

Cardiff Personal Trainers GM-FITNESS

Finding the perfect motivator to help keep you enthused energetic and heading in the right direction can be a challenge but here are some simple tips to help keep you on the right path to build a healthier fitter and happier body.

Top tips for maintaining motivation

1. Move more - Its as simple as it sounds we were made for motion so use that kinetic energy anyway you can, the more active you are the more energy you use and the more calories you burn, Cycling , swimming, walking, weight lifting, workout at the gym are just some of the simple ways to improve your fitness.

2. Relax- Rome wasn't built in a day so don't try to rush everything all at once, if you have a mountain of tasks in your head try writing them down and ticking them off, chances are that mountain will be more of a mole hill once you have a plan to tackle it.

3.Eat well- You are made of star stuff and of the food you consume, when it comes to good food don't have to be a nutritionist to eat healthily there is no mystery magic bullet that will make you superhuman if you eat foods that you like in moderation and try to include a diet that follows the colour of a rainbow "that does not mean eat skittles" I am referring a wide and varied selection of fruits, vegetables, a low amount of processed foods and sugars and around hand size portion of proteins from meat or non meat sources you won’t go far wrong.

4. Explore- Its human nature, we are all explorers by nature so get out and find something you are passionate about and don’t be shy about it we are made to share and made to care so share your passion with others, walk in nature, climb mountains, swim the sea, or tend you your garden are all ways to keep yourself active.

We would love you hear your tips for keeping yourself fit and motivated.

If you are searching of a trainer then you are most likely looking for someone who will motivate and encourage you to make realistic and positive changes to your lifestyle without making any impossible clams or setting unobtainable targets.

Find a trainer in your area that suits your personality .

When it comes to weight loss fitness and motivation how do you find the best personal trainer in Cardiff? We might be a bias so we would love for you to come judge for yourself.

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