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Gym Mobilisation

Workout safely and effectively

Mobility is a very important element of health and wellness, ensuring your joints and muscles are prepared for exercise before engaging in a strenuous activity can help you to feel more ready and may help reduce chance of injury.

The jury is our on the effectiveness or rather the ineffectiveness of stretching before rigorous exercise due to the risk of hyper mobilisation. However mobilisation or simulation exercise can be effective at ensuring your joints are lubricated and your muscles are ready for action.

My advice is stretch after a workout and not before, this offers most of you the safest method of exercise and is something I adopt myself after exercise sessions. However different discipline may offer you alternative conflicting advice where hyper mobility is a essential element of the sport or activity such as gymnastics ect.

I find this the most effective method of ensuring my muscles maintain flexibility and strength however please follow common sense and the guidance of your health professional.

Good mobility with GM-FITNESS


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