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Mind & Body

Cognitive Behavioural therapy

The Body will not go where the mind will not allow it CBT

Cognitive Behavioural therapy

This is our thought process affecting our behaviour.


The term Cognitive comes from the Latin language meaning to Recognise.

The word therapy is to make you think about your own thoughts and expectations and what importance we attach to certain thoughts that often jeopardise our actions.

Some thought patterns often have us in a trap where we end up making life more difficult than it really is. We start to believe in self-fulfilling prophecies that keep us in a negative frame of mind.

Feelings/ Emotions are very complex; the word comes from the Latin language EMOVERE which when translated means to move, to excite, to stir up, or to agitate.

We experience numerous emotions everyday, our emotions help us understand the world and translate our experiences into something tangible, we humans love labels and have thousands of emotions that each of us display often without us even realising it.

Emotions can be translated through a gaze as smile a gesture a though and a feeling, emotions are what most of us would define us as human and what makes us feel alive.

Even negative emotion can be useful and serve a purpose, negative emotions can keep us from danger, teach us to learn from our mistakes and help us figure out problems. Too much of it can be devastating and counter-productive or even bad for our health finding a balance is key to success.

Emotion effects our thought process, positive negative emotions help shape our existence, they are a literal portrait of our current mental state of wellbeing.

How we live our lives affects our thought process, while some patterns of thought are difficult to change your mind is as malleable as you allow it to be.

Positive change must start with positive action, think of your brain connecting to its neurons, just as a muscle needs stimulus to grown stronger, conditioning your mind takes practice, dedication and self discipline.

Repeated action will help strengthen your cognitive ability to affect your own thought patterns just as a trained muscle strengthens, so will the neural pathways that shape your reality, after all we are all the sum of our own beliefs, we each share one world but live in a unique vessel shaped by our own input and input.

We will be discussing how to do this below, and during online training programs.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

CBT or is a way of discussing what and how you think and feel about yourself. This therapy helps better understand the way we perceive the world and the people in it and is designed to help people cope with the hectic daily scedule, relive stress anxiety anger and depression.

CBT helps you to understand how your thoughts affect your feelings and Behaviour, breathing techniques and mental tasks can help alleviate unpleasant triggers.

CBT can help you change how you think, which may have a positive effect helping you cope with stressful situations in a more proactive manor.

CBT teaches us to deal with the present moment and look at ways to improve our state of mind by breaking down difficult situations/thoughts that trigger stress which may arise.

Here is an example of CBT in action

Example “I am always going to be overweight ”.

The pattern takes place in the order below

Situation= A problem, event or difficult situation.





Programme Your Brain To Think Healthier

In order for positive change to happen we need to be at the right stage for it to occur.

It is important to understand where you are on the table of change for you to have a positive outcome that will not result in a relapse to your previous destructive thought patterns and way of living.

For positive change to arise we tend to go through a series of different stages.

Sometimes we may move through the stages other times you may relapse back,

It is important to understand what or why this is happening.

GM-Fitness guide you through the change process.


In this stage we are unaware of changes that need to be made.


In this stage people are aware that there is a problem but have no desire to change.


In this stage preparation is taking place for change to happen,


In this stage action is beginning, but temptation is high for a relapse


In this stage after at least 6 months the new change has been a positive success.


In this stage positive change has happened, No longer requires help to maintain the new behaviour.

Relapse can occur at any given time, if your thought process is altered.

Define of Motivation

An Internal or external drive that will push a person to action.

Ensure you implement regular time and effort into achieving your new goal.

Be proactive do everything you can to make the changes you want in your life.

Drive towards personal growth.

Motivation could be defined as the 3 c’s

Choices, Chance, Change.

You could even look at it through the 3 d’s

Direction, Decision, Dedication.

As we go through our life we often experience a lot of change, how we deal with this is another thing.

Health is an all-encompassing entity and neither body nor mind can be truly healthy without the other, our metal health is as important as our physical health.

Health is a unity of body and mind, one has no home without the other.

Warning CBT in not intended to treat diagnose or cure any illness, if you are being treated for depression, anxiety, stress or other mental help issues please consult your doctor or therapist before making any changes to your lifestyle. Always seek professional advice before considering alternative therapy .

Your Most Powerful Tool

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